Are You Throwing Money In The Medicine Ball Graveyard?

Broken Air Filled Medicine Ball

This broken medicine ball is constructed of a 2 piece foam core and rubber shell. This is an air filled ball. You can see the two foam pieces are breaking the rubber shell along the seam. These balls are not made for continual slams.

Have you had the unfortunate experience of breaking your medicine ball right in the middle of a great workout? How many medicine balls have your purchased over time? If you have replaced your medicine ball more than once then ask yourself…

How valuable is my time? What’s the cost of my frustration?

Can You Relate To The Frustration?

Meet my buddy Chris. He owns a sports performance facility where he works with all levels of athletes. He is an Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with over 20 years of experience including professional sports.

Chris’s facility is filled with equipment. He has an air filled medicine ball. Every 6 weeks he has to replace it because the rubber breaks open. I asked Chris what he was doing to break these balls so often.

And the answer- not much. Just general med ball tosses and some slams on the ground. But nothing extreme like continuous slams, big air drops, standing on the balls or shooting them out of cannons against a solid wall.

Nope, just general wear and tear is breaking these air filled rubber medicine balls.

Chris needs this equipment to work with his clients. Chris hops in the car and drives to the local sporting goods store where he originally purchased the ball.  The manager exchanges the ball because it is within the 1 year warranty.

6 weeks later, the new ball splits.  Chris hops in the car and drives to the local sporting goods store.  The ball is replaced.

6 weeks later, the 3rd new ball splits…again. Back in the car… This time the manager says he can’t replace the ball. Now what? Off to the same sporting goods store but in a different city to see if he can exchange the ball.

All this running around might be ok for somebody with very little to do.

However, Chris is one of the busiest business owner/athletic trainer/strength and conditioning specialist/dad I know. He barely has 30 minutes to eat lunch between seeing clients in the morning, overseeing a semi-pro soccer team, cheer facility and hockey strength training at another facility. When does he have time to do all the business stuff of marketing, book keeping and answering phones?

Does this sound like you? Are you wearing a dozen hats at once and looking at the endless to-do list?

Adding Up The Costs To Replace A Broken Medicine Ball

Let’s add up what it costs to buy a product that will continually break. Let’s account for 3 trips to the store.


Initial medicine ball purchase.


3 gallons of gas to drive to stores.


Wear and tear on car.


3 hours to drive to the store, wait in line, speak with a manager, wait for a refund receipt, grab a new product off the shelf and then drive back to work. Let’s account for Chris losing $100 an hour because he could be working with a client or running his business.


What happens when Chris is in the middle of training and a ball breaks? He has to stop momentum, grab a new ball if one is available, get his client back on track and set the broken ball aside.


Emotional toll of thinking about how broken products disrupt your work flow, eats up any extra time and prevents you from running your business.

So what does it really cost to purchase these products?

Total Cost $345, $Frustration, $Your Precious Time and Patience

If you are wondering if Chris has an unbreakable medicine ball from Si Boards, the answer is yes. Those balls have stood the test of time and keep on going.

Don’t fall into the trap of feeding the medicine ball graveyard with scraps of broken shells, rubber flaps and vinyl patches. Invest in yourself and your time.

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Broken Vinyl Medicine Ball

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Broken Rubber Medicine Ball

Broken Plug From Medicine Ball

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