Elysia Tsai does a back extension on the beach in Denmark

This was a great exercise area in Denmark! The beach, water and blue sky was amazing every morning.

It’s time to pump you up with some strength training!

When I was in high school I drove a tractor during the summers. I cut the field hay, raked it into rows and later hauled and stacked it in the barn.

I was strong from lifting those big rectangle bales up to my chest and pressing them over my head. Cutting firewood gave me rotational strength, fine tuned my coordination and kept us warm in the winter.  I loved my summer job!

When I was in college we had functional movement track workouts and pool training that are still part of my current routine.

Along the way I dabbled in building a pretty physique with segmented body parts. But nothing keeps me strong like full body, functional movements in correct neurological patterns. And it also keeps me happy and injury free.

It’s fun, it’s fantastic and it’s full body!