Midfoot Sprain/Lisfranc Injury Supportive Taping Using Leukotape

I’ve used this Herringbone pattern taping technique on several types of injuries including an x-ray confirmed midfoot sprain, a swimmer with excessive foot motion and a runner putting in high mileage.

It is especially effective for complex bony structures that support the body in full weight bearing. The foot is a great example as it is made from 7 tarsal bones, 5 metacarpal bones and 14 phalanges- that’s 26 bones connected and stabilized as you […]

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Resistance Band Exercises for Hip, Gluteus and Pelvic Strength

This set of restistance band exercises for hip strength is awesome! Don’t let the easy and good look moves deceive you… These are a sure to set you on fire!

A Great Non-Weight Bearing Hip Exercise
These exercises stimulate everything from the ankle to the hips and postural muscles. At the end of bootcamp class or training when everybody is blasted tired from running and leg work- this is a perfect end to the day. If recovering […]