Si Boards is back in action and we would like to thank you for your past and present support!

Over the past six years I traveled heavily with the US Soccer Federation as an athletic trainer for the National Youth Teams. I’ve had amazing experiences with international travel to Germany, Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain, Denmark, Panama, and Japan. Traveling within the United States was a blast from New York, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Arizona and the Olympic Training Center.

In 2012, I traveled exclusively with the U20 Women’s National Team. We would travel for 2 weeks, then be home for 10 days and then off on an airplane again. We all lived out of a suitcase and had a very intense year.

2012 was an amazing year of success. The team won gold at the CONCACAF tournament against Canada. Later that year we traveled to Japan and won the World Cup Tournament against Germany.

Together with Carrie McKiddy and June Caponpon the three of us athletic trainers helped keep the team in great shape, game ready and recovered for the next challenge. Team physicians Robert Lim and Scott Adams were tremendous help as well. We all worked 16 hour days to get the job done.

From 2008 to 2013 Si Boards was hanging tight. Waiting for the US economy to get back on its feet was tough. During this time I was a morning boot camp instructor for Code Pink Boot Camp, filled in at Soka University and traveled with the US Soccer Federation on a monthly basis.

After returning home from a month in Japan for the 2012 Wold Cup, I had some big decisions to make. Would I continue to travel, find a regular Athletic Training job, see private clients for fitness and injury rehab? I wasn’t sure.

I decided to pick Si Boards up and turn it back on. With the continued support of Si Boards Maniacs who love our products, it was an easy choice. Continually hearing success stories and praise about Si Boards being the best balance board gave me that extra push. I knew I had a great product and knowledge to share.

Thanks again to all the Si Boards maniacs and believers and riders and supporters. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Looking forward to the next chapter!


2012 U20 WNT US Soccer Staff

Elysia Tsai, team coordinator Matt Barton, Dr. Robert Lim and Athletic Trainer Carrie McKiddy before a World Cup soccer match.

U20 WNT US Soccer Team 2012 Concacaf Champions

2012 U-20 WNT US Soccer Team in Panama for the Concacaf Champions After Defeating Canada.

June Caponpon and Elysia Tsai, US Soccer U-20 WNT Athletic Trainers

June Caponpon and Elysia Tsai pose for a picture after the 2012 U-20 WNT US Soccer World Cup win in Japan