I’m going to guide you through the journey of finding the right type of balance board to meet  your needs. Si Boards come in a variety of sizes and types.  We make this big product line because our Si Boarder community is diverse. Click here for the pdf download of the buyer guide and price sheet: Si Boards Pricing Sheet 2014

Si Board Balance Board Cliff Notes

Tall Riders:

All riders above 6′ feet tall should use the large Commando.

Medium Riders:

All riders between 5’4″ and 6′ should use the medium Freestyle or SurfMedium sized riders have the most versatility because they can use all three board sizes comfortably.

Small Riders:

All riders under 5’4″ should use the small Turbo.

Kids and Toddlers Under 4′ Feet Tall:

Kids and toddlers should use the very small Kick Start board.

Kids, Teenagers and Beginners:

Kids with small feet, growing teenagers and newbies should get Starter Boards.

Adults and Advanced Riders:

Adults, seasoned board sport riders or elite athletes should get the Original boards.

Users Over 220 Pounds/100 KG:

These users should only use the Original Boards. Users under 220 pounds can use both Starter and Original boards.

Understanding Balance Board Sizes

First let’s talk about the three board sizes. The name given to the board is descriptive of the type of ride and responsiveness. Think of them like cars and how versatile each are.

1: Small Turbo

The 2 door sports car- super fast, turns on a dime but not much room for storage and versatility. The Turbo board is our small board. At 27” x 15” it is fast, responsive, whippy and travels well for training on the go. Made for a small stance and tight ride areas but not as versatile as larger boards. You can ride this board all day long without tiring your legs.

2: Medium Freestyle and Surf:

 The 4 door sedan- fast and strong, perfect for long trips and everybody fits comfortably. The Freestyle and Surf boards are medium sized at 36” x 18” and 42” x 18” respectively. They offer a comfortable ride stance, smooth transitions, can be moved quickly and are the best overall size for developing strength and speed. Quite versatile for making different types of board combos with balls and half balls. This is our most popular board size for all riders.

3: Large Commando:

The SUV with cargo storage- built like a tank, powerful and extremely versatile for hauling your entire soccer team. The Commando is our large board. At 45” x 19” it may be slow to get going but once momentum starts you will develop strength and power.  This board is very challenging to leg strength and can give a taller rider a comfortable wide stance and full body moves. It is extremely versatile for making different combos with balls and half balls.

Si Board Models Made For Industrial Strength Or Economy Budgets

Each of the small and medium boards come in an industrial strength Original board or economy Starter board. The rail size on the Starter board is smaller compared to the Original board. The smaller rail and Starter boards are suited for beginners and growing kids. Click here to see a side by side comparison of models.

1: Original Boards:

These industrial strength balance boards have a strong steel rail permanently attached to the board. We purposefully put continuous rocker into the length of the board. The board top is curved. This makes your movement transition from left to right flow smoother. These boards are more versatile because the rail serves as an attachment site for the resistance bands. Original boards are able to create 10 different types of balance platforms.

2: Starter Boards:

These Economy balance boards are a great start to balance training. The Starter boards are flat and do not have continuous rocker.  They have the same board dimensions as the Original but feature a smaller urethane rail which is better for small feet. The rail is removable and adjustable which is perfect for skill progression. Starter boards are able to create 5 different types of balance platforms.

Match The Balance Board Size With Your Body

The three areas of most importance are:

1: Your Height:

Small riders will feel comfortable on the Turbo boards but too stretched out on the larger boards. Turbo board riders should be under 5’4”. Anybody in between 5’4” and 6’ would do well on the medium Freestyle but can easily use all three sizes. Riders between 5’4” and 6’ should consider the large Commando board if you want to develop leg strength. Riders above 6’ should ride the Commando board.

2: Your Weight:

Riders under 220 pounds can ride all Starter and Original board sizes. Riders over 220 pounds should only ride the Original Boards.

3: Your Shoe Size:

The Original boards with the steel rail are sized for adults. Starter boards have a smaller rail and are better suited for young kids or teenagers who are still growing. If your foot length is less than 7” you should use a Starter Board.

4 Steps To Finding The Right Si Board

1: Match your height with the board top size.

2: Based on weight, decide if you need the industrial Original model or the economy Starter model.

3: Based on shoe size, decide if you need industrial Original model or the economy Starter model.

4: Based on skill level, decide if if you need industrial Original model or the economy Starter model.

Happy Si Boarding!