With a few balance training sessions under your belt of the 4 stances and the 4 trunk stability moves, it’s now time to add motion to it all! Let’s make it complex and fire up the nerves and muscles to stabilize your body through a range of motion.

My challenge to you- move you body through quality range of motion while on a balance board.

Movement changes your ability to balance as the different joint angles require muscle control. Focus on quality motion rather than powering through reps. This is the true nature of balance training- to fine tune your body and prep for the high performance dynamic movements.

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You can customize your training by changing the stance, trunk motion or half ball placement. Master your skill set and then change it up for a well rounded program. For simplicity I show the following:

Wide Squat with Forward Bending

Angled Squat/Open Stance with Side Bending

Lunge with Rotation

In-Line Stance with Diagonal Chop

Be Aware Of These Three Warning Signs.

Weak Spot:

Muscles can’t hold contraction for strength and stability. During a slow squat you may find the middle range lacks full control and you end up dropping quickly.

Sticking Point:

Muscles can’t engage to initiate contraction. During a lunge you may find the bottom range feels like you have 1000 pounds on your back and it’s difficult to stand back up.

Balance Chaos:

Your entire body system has no idea how to tackle this new movement stimulus. During some motions you may be steady as a rock and 1 inch later you are a complete balance mess and can’t stay still.

Work Through Balance Training Weaknesses

Stay just above or below that weak range and pulsing a few reps. Focus your strength and eventually work into great range of motion.

We all need quality motion for common activities such as:

Picking up your 15 pound laundry basket and setting it on the counter.

Side bending to pick up a baby carrier and walking 50 feet to your car.

Rotating your heavy grocery bags from the shopping cart to the trunk.

Diagonal bending to pick up the vacuum cord before you run over it.

Have fun with these new motions and fire up your full body control! The Ultimate Fitness board , 6.5″ half balls and 6.5″ ball are featured here.
Stay tuned for next week when I add full body closed chain core stability.