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Hi, I’m Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC. Since 1999, I’ve worked in sports medicine as a Certified Athletic Trainer from the National Athletic Trainers Association. I've helped all levels of athletes from physical therapy to youth and professional athletics. I love helping athletes rehab from injury, getting back to the starting line-up and helping them compete at their best. In 2004 I began the journey to create the most versatile and progressive balance training system. Three years later, Si Boards balance boards was alive. Today we have the most unique product line including unbreakable medicine balls, responsive rope balls and balance training accessories. I believe in commitment to quality, local manufacturing and helping one another succeed. Please contact me if you have questions. Join us in Jumping Into The Next Generation.

Midfoot Sprain/Lisfranc Injury Supportive Taping Using Leukotape

I’ve used this Herringbone pattern taping technique on several types of injuries including an x-ray confirmed midfoot sprain, a swimmer with excessive foot motion and a runner putting in high mileage.

It is especially effective for complex bony structures that support the body in full weight bearing. The foot is a great example as it is made from 7 tarsal bones, 5 metacarpal bones and 14 phalanges- that’s 26 bones connected and stabilized as you […]

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Download The Si Boards Balance Board Buyer Guide And Price List

The Si Boards Balance Board Buyer Guide and Price List for boards, medicine balls, half ball, power rope balls, resistance bands, creator kits and the Ultimate Fitness Board details each item. Find out the sizes, weights, prices and a summary of products.

Check the Mail Bag for customer questions and answers about finding the right products.

Click here for the: Si Boards Pricing Sheet 2016



Foam Roller Routine For Self Massage, Fascial Release and Stretching

Introduction To The Fascial Network In Your Body
Fascial tissue is the strong and pliable connective tissue covering the muscles and bones and helps suspend the organs. Myofascia surrounding the muscle bundles together to create the tendons of the muscle. It is responsible for tissue gliding and fluid, ion, oxygen and toxin exchange. When this tissue becomes dehydrated and dense, it constricts the muscles.

Think of a plastic bag to store food. When the bag is […]

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What Is The True Cost Of A Broken Medicine Ball?

Are You Throwing Money In The Medicine Ball Graveyard?

Have you had the unfortunate experience of breaking your medicine ball right in the middle of a great workout? How many medicine balls have your purchased over time? If you have replaced your medicine ball more than once then ask yourself…

How valuable is my time? What’s the cost of my frustration?
Can You Relate To The Frustration?
Meet my buddy Chris. He owns a sports performance facility where […]

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Finding The Best Balance Board- How To Get The Correct Si Board

I’m going to guide you through the journey of finding the right type of balance board to meet  your needs. Si Boards come in a variety of sizes and types.  We make this big product line because our Si Boarder community is diverse. Click here for the pdf download of the buyer guide and price sheet: Si Boards Pricing Sheet 2014
Si Board Balance Board Cliff Notes
Tall Riders:

All riders above 6′ feet tall should use the […]