Monthly Archives: August 2013

What Is Core Stability and Core Training?

It’s been a buzz word for 10-15 years. I’ve seen the focus on core stability and core training go from isolated transverse abdominal contraction, ab crunches, seated rotational moves and now to an advanced concept that makes sense.
True Core Stability Involves Several Structures and They Must Work In Sync. Simply Put, These Are:

Think of how a snake moves.With 24 articulating/moving vertebrae, 9 fused for the sacrum and coccyx and a balancing head at the […]

Complex Moves – Make Your Balance Training Full Body

With a few balance training sessions under your belt of the 4 stances and the 4 trunk stability moves, it’s now time to add motion to it all! Let’s make it complex and fire up the nerves and muscles to stabilize your body through a range of motion.

My challenge to you- move you body through quality range of motion while on a balance board.

Movement changes your ability to balance as the different joint angles […]