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Add Upper Body Endurance And Stability To Balance Training

Last week I challenged you to include 4 stances for balance training. If you can coordinate your lower body and don’t need a safety rail or spotter… then let’s add upper body movements to your program. The next progression is endurance strength training.

If you’re thinking…
Do I Really Need Endurance Training With Balance Training?
My answer is yes and will always be yes!

Here’s why:
You Must First Build A Strong Base To Properly Stabilize Your Spine.
Have you […]

Balance Training On Two Feet Simulates Daily Living Activity

One of the key balance exercises we use in rehab is to stand on one foot. This makes sense because it forces one leg to do all the work. We then progress with head tilts, eyes closed, upper body movements and throwing objects at you. And it’s a great starting point until you need more.

And what do you need?
You Need Two Feet To Progress In Balance Training… Wait… What?

Click here to see the […]